Thursday, May 13, 2010

Timings Are Critical And Must Be Met

When I was in the military two things were constantly hammered into my head, be 10 minutes early for whatever timing you have to meet, and never get caught. Being late could result in conduct unbecoming which can carry a stiff fine, extra duty and a boat load of unwanted shit sprayed at you at the speed of light. Needless to say I made dam sure I wasn’t late unless I had a fucking good reason such as my car breaking down, medical problem, or family emergency, and even those were pushing it. The only time everyone got a free pass was when we had a solid week of minus 45ish weather before the wind-chill and nobody’s car that was left outside would start, not to mention exposed skin would freeze in a couple minutes……sounds fun right ?

So now you can understand why today I am especially pissed, why because some fucker flaked out on me after I waited about 45 minutes for them to show up. Today I was supposed to view a couple apartments near where I live. I called yesterday to book an appointment and the woman who answered and does the viewings in the area set a viewing time of 1 p.m. Great I thought because both places are about 5 minutes from where I’m currently living and are located in a nice quiet part of the west end with lots of trees and all that happy shit.

Now because of my military mentality I showed up about 10 minutes early as I had been trained to do in case she arrived early, or in case there was some unexpected problem, you know space ninja’s, zombies, Hooters girls involved in a wet t-shirt contest, or the outbreak of world war 3 all of which would require my immediate attention.

And so I waited patiently, for 45 fucking minutes I stood there with a thumb up my ass feeling like a moron while random old people and people who lived in the surrounding buildings thought I was some sort of fucking creeper looking to rape someone. Even some old guy would stare at me from time to time from his third story window watching me, and unfortunately probably getting excited watching me, yeah how can you tell I was fucking pleased. There’s nothing worse then having some old slimy guy pop a boner in you’re direction, while I can understand it to a degree because of my rugged good looks and charm it’s still fucking disturbing.

But now to the bitch who stood me up in the first place, WHAT THE FUCK IS HER MAJOR MALFUNCTION, if you fucking book a fucking appointment for a fucking time that is the best fucking time for you to do a fucking viewing you have no fucking excuse for not fucking showing up. And if you can’t fucking show up then have the fucking decency and the balls to call and say “Hello Mr. Wolf I can’t fucking make it to the fucking appointment today for (insert reason here) can we re-fucking schedule it?” FUCK FUCK FUCKETY FUCK WITH ICE CREAM ON FUCKING TOP THIS PISSES ME RIGHT THE FUCK OFF.

And to top it off I called the bitch back when I got home to find out what the fuck happened. And do you think that tampon chewing cow could answer the phone, nope nada just an answering machine, simple fucking spineless me thinks and a total fucking flake. Nothing pisses me off faster then a priest on a choir boy then being a flake who doesn’t show up or have the fucking nerve to return a call and try to smooth things over.

Its shit like this that will lead to us being ruled by dam dirty apes one day

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Crazy Brunette said...

What a fucking cunt!

You know that make for a damn shitty business reputation. She's fucking herself...

Can't hate the bitch for being late myself... IM ALWAYS LATE!!!!

The Wolf said...

I coudln't have said it better myself. At first I thought the apartment may have been taken but I checked online and it's still up for grabs so the bitch flaked out on me. I mean it's one thing to be late, it's another to setup the time to when it's the best time for the person showing and then not bother to show up call or anything that's just plain bullshit.

Kelly said...

Inconsiderate fucking bitch! I hate it when I make an appointment of any kind with someone (friend, business rep or whoever) and they don't give a fuck enough to be there. I'm like you. If for whatever reason I'm not on time for an appointment (which is very rare), I at least have the decency to call. Ashley's right. She really hurt her business reputation by pulling that crap. If I were you, I would call her boss or the better business bureau or somebody to get her ass in trouble. I'd get my revenge one way or another. At least put a bag of flaming dog shit on her front step.

The Wolf said...

I would the problem is that it's the general bullshit attitude that many in this city have, her boss is just as flaky and probably twice as useless.

To add insult to injury I went to go view a apartment this evening and not only did the fucker not show up but hung up on me when I told him wtf we had an appointment and it was suppose to be at the most convienent time for him. With him at least I was able to send a nasty email telling him what a peice of dog shit he is.

On a positive note I did view a place that's close to where I live and the manager was really nice to me. Her attitute alone made the apartment I saw a thousand times nicer that what it actually is.

Kelly said...

I know what you mean by getting a good attitude (meaning... being treated with respect) from someone trying to sell you something or, in your case, a manager showing you an apartment- which, in a way, is the same thing. That does make the product or apartment or whatever seem a lot better. Good luck on finding new digs!

I wish I could do that, considering the problem I've been having, recently. More on that issue in an upcoming post.

The Wolf said...

Yeah she was pretty nice. The Shitty thing is though that I looked into the building and it has an ongoing bed bug problem for over a year now. They've been spraying individual rooms but most people who reported having bed bugs caught them between 3 days to 3 weeks after moving in, most had to throw out a lot of their furniture. So in the words of someone famous I say this "Fuck that"


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