Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vancouver Attitude

Now don’t get me wrong I love Vancouver it’s fucking awesome to live here. Here you have mountains to the north surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Stanley Park, a tonne of shit to do and things to look at. So why the fuck are there so many miserable fuckers, complainers, and snobby two faced cock jaws walking about?

Call me crazy but I’m fucking grateful to be living here, I spent the last fucking decade in Edmonton Alberta which gets six or more months of winter and the temperature can drop to below minus 45 Celsius. That’s cold enough to freeze exposed skin, I know you want to pack you’re bags and move there right now I bet. On top of that shitty winter you have roads covered in gravel so everybody’s cars windshield is cracked, as well as mammoth potholes that open up overnight destroying your cars suspension (This is from the freezing and thawing effect during the final months of winter into spring)

So when I said fuck it and packed my bags last July to come to the coast I couldn’t do it fast enough. Even though I had a full time and well paying job that wasn’t enough to keep me there. And when the day finally came to go I sped the whole fucking way and didn’t look back once until I hit the BC / Alberta border.

Now I don’t know what the fuck is the problem with many assholes out here? Perhaps they never had to leave the province or the city for that matter. Perhaps their just spoiled ass bags who need a spanking and a dose or reality, or perhaps their just the type of people who are never fucking satisfied with what they have and want more because their a greedy fuck.

This doesn’t apply to the entire city of course, in my travels I have had the pleasure of running into some of the friendliest people ever, why because they came from somewhere else like myself and are pretty fucking thankful to be living here. They don’t mind that there is a lot of rain; this is a rain forest after all. They don’t mind how expensive things can get out here; they simply work another job or cut back on something else. And they don’t mind sharing their space with 2.3 million other people who call Vancouver and the surrounding area home.

So what about the local ass clowns who are bitchy and complaining about the rain, or this fucking thing or that, here’s my advice to you.........


Frankly we don’t have much to complain about, there are some places in this country that well fucking suck (Trust me I’ve been to a few of them) and these yuppie fuckers who would curl up and die if they had to spend a month or more there. So for you local fuckers spend a moment take a breath and look around, we have it pretty fuck good, so stop being a little bitch.

On a totally unrelated note you may have noticed a link with the picture of a baby on it called “Mission Monkey” One of my favourite bloggers posted a page about a friend whose child has a type of cancer called neuroblastoma, so if you can check it out and if you have some extra cash donate to help them out. (No this is not a scam by the way) Also if you have a blog or website there’s some HTML text you can copy and paste to put the link on your site to help get it out there.

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Crazy Brunette said...

OH Fuck! SOMEONE had stepped on Wolf-mans paws!!!!

Did you mix up your meds again today fucker???? This was funny fucking shit dude...

This was my favorite part!!!!
"Perhaps their just spoiled ass bags who need a spanking and a dose or reality, or perhaps their just the type of people who are never fucking satisfied with what they have and want more because their a greedy fuck."

If you catch them, I get to spank them! We're not the right fuckers to give them a dose of reality since we rarely visit that godawful place....

YOU catch... I spank!!!

Email me!

The Wolf said...

Yeah I agree the last time I gave somebody a dose or reality they cried and never went near me again....not that I minded they usually stunk like stale piss. As for catching them no prob I got some rope and zip ties as required as these are perfect for improvised handcuffs.

As for meds....nah it's more fun without the medication otherwise the voices wouldn't tell me to burn things :)

Kelly said...

In the mood, I'm in right now, I would do much more than spank those sensitive, complaining yuppie fucks. I would cheerfully shove broken glass bottles up their asses so fast and hard their fuckin' colons would explode and the ensuing bloodbath would give me reason to dance merrily upon their trembling bodies.

Some people just don't know how good they have it, sometimes. As for where I live, I can see the good most certainly. Only recently, has a fly landed in my goddamn ointment, so to speak.

Oh, and yes, I would fuck Tina Fey. Cover that scar near her mouth with my man seed? Well, sure, I could comply with that.


The Wolf said...

I hear ya Kelly too many assbags just don't know how good they have it. I'm not sure if it's becuase of society shorter attention spans or shitty parenting that's produced this. Whatever the case it seems that more and more people are complete ignorant assholes. They need a major reailty check.


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