Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gods Decided Not To Piss In My Cornflakes Today

If you’ve followed my last couple of posts you may have noticed I was a wee bit bitterer then my usual self. You would have also learned the code to stop Skynet from launching its fucking nukes, guess were fucked. Anyways getting back on topic, yeah I’ve been pretty pissed the last few days. It seems like I’ve been getting a much larger share of the shit sandwich we all have to take a bite of from time to time. Lately it’s been more like a bowl full of greenish brown corn crusted turds of despair.

So you can bet my happiness today when the shit storm it seems has finally lifted. The last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for work as well as a new place to live. Today at least the battle is half fucking over; I now have a pretty decent place all to myself. My new lodgings or as I prefer to call it “The Den Of Sin” aren’t too far from where I live now. And while they won’t be as nice, they have one major advantage…NO FUCKING ROOMATES. Finally I will be at peace to do what I try to do every fucking night, try to take over the world.

Oh and get this for a little side note, the place is called the Dogwood, coincidence me thinks not.

The other little thing that made my day all the better was that it seemed that people were overall nicer to me for a change. Normally when I’m out doing whatever fucking stuff I have to do I usually end up having to deal with some rude asshole, or some cock jawed ass pirate bragging about how important he is to the world while wasting precious seconds of my life because he’s too fucking retarted to figure out what kind of coffee he wants. Or the ditzy hello kitty bitch’s with their annoying giggles and comments in other languages that they think I don’t fucking understand, news flash bum darts I’m not fluent but I know enough when you turds are saying nasty shit about me in six languages, but that’s taking me to an unhappy place.

Today people were generally friendly like I didn’t have the plague, which is nice because I’ve had all my shots. And frankly it’s something I don’t understand because I sure as fuck don’t look like Frankenstein or the French hunch back fucker whose name escapes me at this moment.

So overall it was a surprisingly nice day, things went smooth, shit got accomplished, not too shabby me thinks. Of course tomorrow things will go down the shitter faster then you can say what the fuck. So I plan on savouring the moment like a fine expensive wine because these moments don’t happen often.

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Mila Kunis
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Kelly said...

Goddamn it... you won't stop putting pictures up of wimmens I want to play hide the stink log with. Mila Kunis is hot-hot-hot. Not to mention a tiny little thing and downright tasty. Her and Laura Prepon (the redhead) were two of the main reasons I watched "That 70's Show". Well, that and the humor.

But getting back to the main topic... I'm glad you finally found a nice friendly place to settle down. It really makes a difference in one's life if they can find a decent place to live at. You deserve it after all the shit you've been through. Now, having said that, like you said, tomorrow you will likely have a shitty ass day. Hopefully, not, though.

Dogwood? Den of Sin? Sounds like good times can be had at your new digs. Ha ha ha. That reminds me... My old place I lived at was called "The House of Fun" by my old gang of friends -for a very very good reason. All manner of depravity was committed there. Tee hee.

Anyway... HAVE FUN

The Wolf said...

Kelly it's only considered good times if there are sheep and car batteries to be found.....I'll let you're imagination take care of the rest to fill in that picture.

Yeah I'm totally stoked about moving, sure it dosen't have a view and is less then half the size of where I live, but it's mine so that's all that fucking matters to me. I could have gotten a larger place with an ocean view the rent was out of my budget plus it was kind of run down and 60 ish looking.

Totally agree Mila Kunis is smokin hot and not to worry the pics will not stop. I can't now it it's like a tradition or something, besides it's probably the best part of creating each post.

Crazy Brunette said...

Yeah you are FUCKED tomorrow.

They let you live one day and wrap your balls in a steel vice the next!!!!!!

So um you're living in a place named after a dog's boner??? AWESOME! We're going to cover that in our blog!!!


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