Sunday, May 23, 2010

Visual Diarrea

Like many of you I like to watch movies, especially on shitty days like today when you don’t want to go outside because it’s pissing down rain (Gotta love the west coast for that). But what pisses me off royally is the lack of good movies that are being made these days. It seems like almost every new movie that comes out is a shitty remake from a classic 80’s or 90’s version. These new remade versions are usually filled to the brim with CGI bullshit, crappy acting, and almost no effort what so ever to make a decent movie. Instead these fuckers just want to make a quick buck at our expense.

The other day for example I found out that there going to make a remake of Robocop……..are you fucking kidding me? Now if you haven’t seen the original Robocop which came out in 1987 go buy it, don’t bother renting it, because it’s that fucking good. This movie became an instant 80’s classic depicting a world where corporate greed and technology gone amok are the norm. Sure the remake will have better effects, such as when the main character gets shot all to shit in a hail of gunfire, but what about the story, I don’t know how the hell their going to make this remake better then the original, I doubt they will. Like 90 percent of most remakes that have been made so far they fall way fucking short of the original.

It’s like the people in Hollywood aren’t even trying anymore to make something worth watching, and frankly they should try a lot fucking harder. First the theatres charge way to fucking much just to get a ticket, let alone some popcorn. And all for what, an hour and a half of visual shit, just so some fucking big name actor or actress can collect a pay check? Fuck that no wonder more and more people turn to pirated copies of these movies, because there not worth shit. Now sure there are exceptions to this rule like in everything else in life, but even these exceptions are becoming rare.

Seriously though what the fuck is going to be next once they run out of ideas to copy, reality shows? Can you imagine a day when the make shows like Survivor, and the Apprentice into movies? If that’s the case that’s going to be the day I burn my T.V. It honestly baffles me that they have to resort to copying ideas from older movies, I mean how many fucking times has The Thing been remade, and now there talking about another one. Or I Am Legend, which was a remake of The Omega Man which was a remake of an earlier movie (The Last Man On Earth I think) and with each remake the movie, became worse. That’s not to say that I Am Legend was shit, just c’mon do something fucking different.

And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of great ideas floating around in the form of books which is where most movies have come from to start with. Not to mention all the bloggers and website owners who now self produce their own books (Fuck I’ve even been working on one myself), so there should be now excuse now more then ever for these lazy ass clowns in Hollywood to find a good idea to make a movie. If I was the top exec for one of these companies I would fire every fucking writer who doesn’t have the spine or the balls to use their brain and come up with a good idea, not re-hash an already well made movie and turn it into shit, because the meaning of that original movie has been lost. While I understand that at the end of the day it’s all about making money that should be no excuse to not turn out something of value and quality that people are going to appreciate, not feel ripped off and disappointed.

Oh well at least the porn industry still produces top quality entertainment.

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Kelly said...

Yeah, that's Hollywood for ya. They've been rehashing the same old movie ideas for awhile now, haven't they? Some people say it's because they have ran out of any original ideas. Some say they remake a movie, using the same title as the one used originally because the name recognition, alone, will get the hard earned bucks of those working (or not working) folks in a recession era society. It's like you said, if they really wanted to get some fresh ideas for a flick or TV show they could -either from a book, a blogger or some other source. By the way... That's pretty cool that you're writing a book. Will it be a survival type book?

And yeah, I can easily see someday, a movie based on some shitty reality show. I'm sure it will be just as cheaply and crapilly made as their TV show counterpart. And yeah, Robocop 1 and 2 were great. I didn't care for the 3rd one, though.

The Wolf said...

Yeah Robocop 3 was terrible I've only seen it once and that was enough. The TV show was even worse, I mean who the fuck shoots three rounds into an object so that it falls on the bad guy, fuck that put two in the bad guy and have a spare round for the next bastard.

I think Hollywood is kinda like the auto industry, their out of touch with the public and think we'll see whatever crap they throw at us. It also seems there not paying attention to the fact that movie theaters are reporting all time lows for ticket sales, which they are quick to blame on pirating.

The book is going to be like my website and be survival orientated. It's going to be a mix of whats on the site and the blog but in deeper detail, as well as topics that arn't covered by each. I started it about a month ago but it's been on hold becuase of job and apartment searching. Once things get more stable I'll start it up again.

Crazy Brunette said...

DUDE! I know right????

I was talking to the hubby about THIS VERY thing just last week!!!


Hey! Maybe that can be one of our posts...

Top 10 shittiest remakes of AWESOME movies!!!!

The Wolf said...

Good idea or just the 10 shittiest movies of all time


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