Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Site Shout Out

I'm going to try something a little different on here. Every weekend (Well ever one when I have the time) I'm going to give a little shout out to a blog or website. This site won't be something that's on my blog roll, just something I've found in my random searches that I thought was worthy enough to share with you fuckers. There won't be any criteria or theme apart from it being something that I think you might find interesting.

The first site for this Saturday's shout out goes out to a friend of mine (I know it's not exactly random but it still counts so bite me fuckers) And being that he's helped give me ideas for videos, new editing software, and blog topic ideas it seems like the logical first step. The site JS Johnson Film is dedicated to showcasing his projects as a filmmaker here in Vancouver, upcoming projects, and all manner of stuff related to the film industry.

Here's a clip from one of his previous films.

So go check it out, who knows this fucker could be famous in a couple years. If you have a site or blog you want shouted out leave a link in the comments and a short description of you're site. But before you send me a link there are some rules.

1. If you're already on my blog roll or linked up to my site already then you don't count, this is for new blogs and websites only.

2. It has to be something interesting, I'm pretty open to the topic but if you're site is about how you collect dryer lint all fucking day and turn it into little wood land creatures that you talk to because you're life is sad and every day you pray for death.........don't link up. If I wouldn't read it I sure as fuck am not going to recommend to those who visit here.

That's pretty much it for the rules.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Sarah Chalke

Random Video Of This Post


Max Evel said...

I like dryer lint !

-MissC* said...

The hottie is way hott!!!
But as a major SCRUBS fan i can tell you that is not Sarah Chalke.

It is Gemma Atkins

My husband started a blog recently. If you're into sports, video games, or beer you might enjoy checking his blog out.
I know sometimes it's hard to find other man bloggers so I just figured I'd let you know.

The Wolf said...

Max Evel I like lint too, it's great for starting fires.

MissC that's not Sarah Chalke, damm the site where I got the pic from was full of crap...fuckers. Oh well either she's still a hottie. I'll check out that blog right away for sure, thanks for sending me the link.

Kelly said...

Video looks professionally done and it kept my interest but I do wonder why the words are repeated like that. I'm a little fried now so maybe I imagined the repetition so forgive me if I heard wrong.

Those boobies on that hottie looks like two scoops of ice cream.

The Wolf said...

That's exactly what I thought when I saw that pic as well Kelly, two scoops of ice cream.

Not sure about the repeating thing I didn't really notice

Gnetch said...

Wolfy, if I get my Internet fixed, would you teach me this video editing thingy???

Also, I collect stamps and I blog about it.

Oh, no wait...

The Wolf said...

Oh course I'll teach you Gnetch. It's pretty easy once you figure out the basics.

Stamps.....ummmm wow exciting stuff cough cough NOT cough........errrr I mean that's really super duper.


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