Monday, April 19, 2010

50 Things I love

While there are a lot of things that drive me nuts and piss me off, and things I really fucking hate (That’s a future post by the way) I thought I would go in a little different direction and spread some love. Now let’s all gather round and sing some melodies……..yeah right fuck that. Anyways here are 50 things that I feel kick ass.

1. Clint Eastwood, do I really need to explain why

2. War movies, why cause their awesome

3. John Wayne, cause he is the shit

4. Cleavage, nothing says hello better then this

5. Beer, as long as it isn’t the stuff they try to pass as beer in the U.S because it generally tastes like stale piss

6. Ninja’s because who wouldn’t want to be one

7. Porn, no explanation required

8. Hockey, cause I’m Canadian eh

9. Kylie Minogue, watch a music video or two or hers and you’ll understand why

10. Danny Minogue, same reason as number 9

11. Kung-Fu movies

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one liners “I’ll be back”

13. 90’s Steven Segal movies, call him what you will but in the 90’s nobody was better at beating the fuck out of people then he, his acting…….well what can I say it sucked.

14. Chuck Norris because he can kill you six times before you hit the floor

15. Credence Clearwater Revival or CCR for short because no Vietnam War movie is complete without at least one song from this band

16. 60’s muscle cars, who fucking cares how much gas they burn their fast and built like a tank

17. The Road Warrior cause nobody can make eating dog food and the post apocalypse look as cool as Max Rockatanski and the last of the V8 interceptors

18. MILF’s because you know you want her

19. UFC cause nothing is more entertaining then two grown men beating the fuck out of each other

20. Explosions, why, go blow something up and you’ll understand

21. Rammstein, sure I can’t understand a fucking word of German and for all I know they could be singing about how much Hitler loved kittens, but it sounds cool

22. Family Guy

23. Mud wrestling, whoever invented the idea of two girls fighting in mud, jello, or potato salad is a friggin genius

24. Airwolf, the idea of the show guy fly’s around in helicopter and blows shit up, do we need any more storyline then that.

25. Wet t-shirt contests

26. Fallout 3 my favourite game of all time, go play it if you haven’t yet

27. Lucy Liu cause she looks good in leather and can kick ass

28. The first Matrix movie and only the first Matrix movie

29. Full Metal Jacket, the movie is so awesome it’s a fucking modern art masterpiece

30. Grenades

31. Star Wars, not the bullshit new ones but the original trilogy

32. Commando, probably the cheesiest Arnold movie of all time. I recommend watching it in Spanish for an extra giggle

33. 90’s music, because most of the music put out these days is copy and past crap

34. Zombie movies

35. Stephen King books

36. The west coast, the best part of Canada as far as I’m concerned

37. Tequila cause you can buy it in Mexico by the gallon

38. Strip bars in Montreal, if you’ve never been to a strip bar in Montreal you haven’t lived

39. Cigars from Cuba

40. Dynamite, it’s not just for fishing anymore

41. Those Asian chicks who model beside sports cars

42. Hell’s Kitchen, “You fucking donkey, in the bin!”

43. Beyonce

44. Fully automatic assault rifles

45. Sean Connery, if I live to be a quarter as cool as him I shall die a happy man

46. Stonehenge, you know I’m not sure why I put this on my list, I mean I don’t really hate Stonehenge…..meh fuck it

47. Catherine Zeta Jones, how in the name of Zeus’s butt hole does she get hotter with age?

48. Kickboxing

49. Robocop, not the fucking TV show that sucked donkey testicles, the original movie from 1987

50. Bacon, because bacon can be used for anything, it can be a meal all unto itself, or a side dish, even a desert it’s hands down the ultimate food.

So yeah that’s it my 50 favourite things

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Kelly said...

I love all those things you've listed, too. Damn... you sure we weren't brothers separated at birth? And you're fuckin' right about Catherine Zeta Jones getting hotter as she get older. She was on David Letterman's show the other night and she was showing so much skin, that I wanted to wank the summer sausage right there on the spot. But, I was at my mother-in-law's house. So, I did it anyway. :-)

The Wolf said...

Glad to hear you didn't let your mother in law get in the way of a good time. Who knows mabye one day I'll get lucky and Catherine Zeta Jones will be my future ex-wife


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