Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kelly Hrudey Should Get Kicked In The Junk

The other night L.A played Vancouver in game 3 of their playoff run (In case you’re not a hockey fan) during the game there was a controversial goal that was supposedly “kicked” in by one of the Canucks players. I saw the video and there is no fucking way that was a kick, but that’s a post for another day. My beef is with Kelly Hrudey the former LA kings goaltender from the 90’s and now a dusty windbag sweating in a seat on hockey night in Canada. Why in the fuck did they let this guy on T.V and who did he blow to get on hockey night in Canada, which is not only the only good thing about the CBC but a staple in almost every Canadians life to some degree, well at least in mine.

So this useless fuck (Kelly Hrudey if you’re still paying attention) is commenting about the no goal. First he’s all huffing and puffing about how it should be a goal. Then the douche canoe in mid sentence stutters and says it’s not, what the fuck?

But it’s not just this incident that pisses me off; this sack of fat is the worst, most uninformed glue bag I’ve ever seen on TV. I’d rather see that useless skinny bitch Paris Hilton in his place; at least she knows how to handle a stick. Half the time he spits out gibberish while sweating in his cheap suit. Frankly a pig with a fire cracker up its ass could do a better job at commentating then this shit turbine.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Shania Twain 

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Kelly said...

I can't say much about Canadian hockey. Hell, I don't even follow American hockey but when someone is obviously lying, then he or she should be called out on it. The picture of Shania gave me wood. Thanks.

The song is funny. It's about the only song in that genre I care for. When the "Baby Got Back", it's time to put in the ol' meat thermometer.

The Wolf said...

Yeah Shania I used to have a rifle named after her back in my army days. Probably one of Canada's greatest exports other then hockey, beer and maple syrup. However that bitch Celine Dion should be put in front of a firing squad, if we had a firing squad, and if she was a little fatter so the bullets could hit her.


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