Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little 90’s Flashback

Okay not sure if it’s because I’m getting old, soft or nostalgic but I’ve been thinking a lot about the 90’s. Perhaps it’s part of the human condition to try to connect with the past. For me as a teenager in the 90’s I didn’t have it easy (That’s a topic for a different day perhaps) but even still I feel particularly connected to this decade. I got to do a lot and travel and see things most don’t get the opportunity in the following decade but the 90’s hold a special place for me. Perhaps like all teenagers in whatever decade that’s when you really start to define who you are as a person.
Anyways since the 90’s is my favourite decade here are some of the things from that time that I miss and some that I’m glad aren’t around anymore

The Simpson’s When They Were Funny

Between 1994 and 1998 was the golden age for the Simpson’s when you could watch the show and laugh at the crazy antics. They were almost as funny as Family Guy. After 98 the show started to go downhill for me, no its just plain boring as fuck and I refuse to watch it.

The Music

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Nowadays the mainstream music seems to be pumped out commercial bullshit. While songs in the 90’s were used to make money the quality and originality was far superior. The music of the following decade though having many good songs and artists seems almost blatantly commercial and makes no attempt to hide the fact. And where is the variety that could be found in the 90’s, it seems to either be some tweeny shit or pop shit, or well just plain shit.

90’s Action Movies

While special effects and computer animation are far better today there is a huge lack of action movies. Guys like Stephen Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme were at their height in the 90’s. Sure the movies were a lot of the same, you know the cop that watches his partner die then swears revenge. They were packed full of classic one liners, brutal violence, and usually more often then not some good ole fashion T&A

No Reality TV

I am so fucking sick of shows like Survivor, America’s Next Top Crack Whore, American Idol and other spewed out bullshit, it’s not reality it’s a fucking popularity contest. Mark Burnett or whatever the fuck his name in should punched in the junk for creating all these shitty mind sucking shows.

No Remakes

Many of the movies created today (Yep I’m on movies again) are remakes of TV shows and movies from before, confirming in my mind that Hollywood is out of ideas.

What I Don’t Miss

Like any decade there is always the good and the bad, there were things that happened in the 90’s that I’m thankful aren’t around anymore.


I fucking hate tapes, you have to rewind them or turn them over and if left in the sun they would melt. They also had moving parts that if they became loose would squeak during the music, which sounded like a mouse jerking off.


Like cassettes I fucking hate them, after a few plays the movies quality would deteriorate. They could also get stuck in the machine meaning tape went everywhere

Dial Up Internet

How many of you remember the good ole days of dial up. You log on and that fucking anything telephone sound would play while your Windows 95 behemoth of a computer tried to establish a connection, half the time it would fail. Not to mention there was no Google it was Netscape, fucking Netscape they sucked.

So here’s the question what do you miss about the 90’s, or do you miss it at all post a comment and let me know.

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