Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Capital Punishment

Today I read a post on one of the blogs I follow (Zombie Killer’s Guide) check it out it’s pretty interesting. Anyways it got me thinking about criminals and how more often then not it seems that those who commit the worst crimes seem to almost get away with it. It seems that those who commit mass murder, rape, child molestation, and other brutal acts apart from getting locked away don’t really have it so bad. They talk on the news about the criminal’s rights to appeal and due process and all that bullshit while the families of those victims are given nothing, not a fucking thing.

In fact more often then not it seems that those who have been victimized are victimized again by the justice system that’s supposed to help and protect tax paying hard working people. Now Before I continue I understand that sometimes petty crimes happen or kids do something stupid that lands them in jail, I’ll admit I was arrested more then once for some really stupid things before the army smartened me up. It was all juvenile stuff that was stupid and me trying to get in with the “cool crowd” or so I thought at the time.

But getting back on point, I started thinking to myself what would I do to these scum bags if I ran the show.

1. All those sick fucking pedophiles would have a P branded on their face then thrown in general population with an envelope containing ten thousand dollars and a full pardon to the inmate who takes the initiative to “dispose” of them. I would also let the victim’s family have 10 minutes alone with them before they ever saw the inside of a prison.

2. those who commit rape will be raped themselves to get a taste of the pain and suffering they caused on others

3. Serial killers once found guilty will not sit in a cell isolated from the world for the next 50 years or however long the oxygen thieves will live for. As soon as the trial would end there would be a public execution, this will not only save tax payers millions but send a clear message to those who think of committing such acts that to think again.

4. Inmates on death row would not sit in a cell for 20 fucking years at a time; they might get a week at most before their put down. Unfortunately in Canada there is no death penalty so that’s another thing that would need correction.

5. To save lives overseas I would take the worst criminals and use them to detonate mines and IED’s
( Improvised Explosive Devices) that have killed thousands of soldiers who are worth a million times more then some shit head rapist.

6. The families and the victims would be fully supported by the government, free counselling, and paid compensation (Though no amount will heal the wounds it will make their lives easier) and anything they need to help them heal and move on. The funding for this can be taken from the fuckers who traumatized them.

Anyways that’s just my opinion.

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