Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alexander Ovechkin Is A Dick

Alexander Ovechkin, if you follow hockey you have heard about this guy, one of the best players in the NHL at this time. While his ability as a player is not in question his attitude is that of a spoiled rich self absorbed ass nugget. Last night in their playoff run Montreal and Washington played. Before the game there was a little tribute to the Montreal Canadians, one of the oldest teams in hockey and winner of dozens of Stanley cups.

Now I didn’t watch the game because I was doing something more important (I think watching Asian porn but I can’t remember) I didn’t get to see the whole game or this little ceremony beforehand. I do know that Montreal lost the game, but that’s another matter altogether. What got my attention was this little video I found on You Tube showing spraying ice in the face of a kid waving a flag before he goes to sit down.

Who the fuck does this asshole think he is, I don’t care how rich or good you think you are you should know better. This ignorant fuck is idolized by kids and he pulls this kinda crap, I’m sorry but if you’re in sports and a big name you should act like a role model, not as a rich asshole. If I want to see a rich asshole I just need to walk around Vancouver it’s full of them, and some of them are a hell of a lot more attractive then this sack of shit. Yeah he can play hockey, he can also go fuck himself as far as I’m concerned. Its retards like this that ruin professional sports, and brings me to my next point why the fuck are they getting paid so much? I served my country and couldn’t afford a pot to take a shit in, and these ass clowns throw a ball, pass a puck, or make a basket and get millions, yet nine times out of ten do fuck all in return other then sign some autographs and bang some high priced prostitutes (Not that there is anything wrong with high priced prostitutes).

Okay now I want to punch some rich fucker in the face, here’s the video.

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Charlize Theron


Kelly said...

Too many idiots out there idolize sports players. And celebrities. And rich fuckers. And so on. Idolizing people for anything is stupid.

I watched that video. That hockey player you're talking about needs to have a hockey puck whacked at his nuts -at a hundred miles an hour -with no cup allowed for this fuckwad. I couldn't help to notice that the kid still waved his flag a little, patriotically, even after the dumbass sprays ice at his face. Good for that kid to not let the asshole bring him down.

Charlize Theron can do push ups over my bod anytime she wants. Nice.

The Wolf said...

Yeah there's something about a hot chick doing the splits while barley above the ground looking all serious like..........sorry I can't remember what I was talking about I was drooling over the pic


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