Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Captain Kirk Was The Coolest White Guy Of The 60’s

First off I’m not a trekker trekkie or whatever the fuck they want to call themselves, the only trilogy for me involves a wookie, the Death Star and one Carrie Fisher in a bronze bikini. That being said I do have to give my kudos to Captain Kirk. Now let’s forget all the movies, the spin off TV shows and get right back to the original show. This low budget get is packed full of cheesy and awesomeness, why because you simply have to fucking laugh when you watch it. The sets were made of what looks like cardboard; the acting was to say the least terrible.
What other shows unless their mocking Star Trek involves a white guy overacting and trying to pick up women who look like they stumbled out of a package of skittles or were dressed in second hand curtains in every episode. The man single headedly patented jumping off a Styrofoam rock and giving a karate chop, or my personal favourite the two handed punch, pure fucking gold me thinks.

And …….lets not forget ..his overacting….SKILLS……in …whichhetalkslikethis……IN EACH AND……every episode…..andhowitpitches……..Up And DOWN……..up ANDDOWN…….liketidalwaveonthesea……KIRK TO enterprise…….whatthe……….FUCK

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Kelly said...

William Shatner is and was cool. And I was raised by watching "Star Trek". That and "Kung Fu", "Gunsmoke" and all the rest back then. Good stuff. From what I read, those sets for "Star Trek" could have been a lot better back then but the studio had to make everything cheap for their network and they were on a very limited budget. Gene Roddenberry, the show's creator/producer was always fighting the network big wigs for more money to make the sets and gadgets more believable. But still, it was a great show.


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