Tuesday, April 20, 2010

50 Things I Hate

Okay so yesterday I decided to share the love a little bit and show you 50 things that I like. In case you think I’m turning a new leaf and being all positive and shit I got two words for you FUCK THAT. So here is my list of 50 things that I hate, 50 things that really piss me off and drive my urge to kill through the roof, 50 things that make me want to punch people in the face, not you of course you’re reading this post so you’re cool. So here we go.
1. Blackberry, ever since these devices came around many people think its okay to plunk away on this device when you’re trying talk to them, yeah they fucking suck

2. Reality T.V, okay so Survivor was cool in the first season but now to have every fucking channel crap out another spin off is fucking ridiculous. How bout this for a concept, a real fucking TV show.

3. Tree huggers, yeah I get the environment is important but you don’t have to be a stinking pussy about it

4. Gay bashers, so their gay get the fuck over it it’s not 1950 anymore cock jaws.

5. The Dutch because their so dam evil

6. Movie theatre prices, 14 bucks for some shit flick are you kidding me seriously for 14 bucks I could get a bad case of herpes and a BJ from Rhonda the prostitute down on the corner and at least have some satisfaction.

7. Yes men, nothing makes me cringe more then some brown nose sucking up to a boss, grow some nuts and some dignity cause were all laughing at you.

8. Kelly Hrudey, a former goaltender for the LA Kings back in the 90’s and now a commentator on hockey night in Canada, this turd in a suit pisses me off royally

9. Star Wars episodes 1,2, and 3, why cause they sucked

10. Anime

11. Cheetos

12. Dogs that can fit in a Ziploc bag

13. My family, do I really need to explain this one?

14. ABBA dancing queen I will fuck you up

15. Pride and Prejudice, all 4 or 5 versions of this movie should be used to interrogate suspected terrorists in Guantanamo bay Cuba cause watching these movies is torture.

16. Fat chicks in clothing that’s 4 sizes to small, yeah nobody likes a fat ass hanging out especially when you’re sucking down a cheeseburger, very un-sexy.

17. Lawyers

18. Country music, I’m depressed and bitter enough as it is I sure as fuck don’t need to hear about your dog dying, your cat getting run over by a tractor and your cousin cheating on you with your other cousin who is also you’re uncle and stepfather…..yee haw

19. Boy bands

20. Chick flicks, nothing is a surer sign of the approving end times then these train wrecks on film.

21. Anne Murray, cause I really hate that bitch

22. Robocop the TV show, now the original 1987 but the TV show was more painful then masturbating with sand paper.

23. Hip Hop I don’t get it I never will

24. Trailer parks

25. Rich fuckers who brag about how much money they have

26. Know it all fuckers who brag about everything they know

27. Dumb tourists

28. The French

29. Gone with the wind because frankly my dear I don’t give a flying fuck

30. The chipmunks, does anyone else want to stuff them into a microwave like me?

31. Diva’s

32. Drama queens

33. Bob Vila

34. The guy from the sham wow commercials, I get it its towel now shut you’re fucking pie hole.

35. Disco

36. Toronto cause they think there from the center of the universe

37. Rotten ham

38. Diet cola, what the fuck is the point of diet pop it’s worse then the regular stuff , and no if you slurp down 40 fucking cheeseburgers in a single sitting and order a diet coke it’s not going to wash away all that fat and grease.

39. Animal cruelty

40. Child molesters, I catch you trying to diddle a little boy I will fuck you up

41. Inflatable sheep, don’t ask

42. Martha Stewart cause she’s a cow

43. Oprah, yup I said Oprah

44. Quebec separatists, you live in one of the best countries in the world and you want to form your own little shit hole country are you fucking kidding me.

45. TELUS try working for these ass pirates for a few months and you’ll want to walk into their head office and start a shooting spree too.

46. The Canadian government, some of the dumbest fuckers alive run the country……go figure

47. Fat guys in Speedos, okay if you’re overweight and really hairy DO NOT WEAR A SPEEDO, please for the children cover up.

48. Leprechauns

49. Winter

50. Geo metro’s, what a fucking retarded little car, I mean 3 cylinders it’s basically a glorified lawnmower.

Okay so now that I’ve shared my little list of what I like and hate, now it’s your turn what are some things you love and hate?

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Kelly said...

Oprah is overrated. Always has been. Most of her popularity and money comes from her highlighting herself as a selfless giver. This gets big show ratings for her and her private company, which equals money. I agree with you on most everything. Especially animal cruelty and child molesting. It wouldn't bother me much to pull the switch on any of them.

The Wolf said...

She gives a lot but what really ticks me off is that it's not for charity it's for her self image. She is such a pretentious fake it's disgusting

Kelly said...

She's a fuckin' phoney!!!! Damn her all to hellllll.


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