Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Six Pack Fuckers

I consider myself fairly comfortable with my appearance, I know I’m not perfect I have my faults just like everyone else. But then you get those assholes, you know the type the 2 percent body fat perfect definition hairless bastards who strut around like there god’s gift to every fucking thing under the sun.
So here’s why I’m bitter, a friend of mine showed me a pic of this guy who she was going to go on a date with. Instead of some average looking joe she had to rub it in my face with the pic of some shirtless ass pirate with six pac abs, I immediately wanted to stab out his eyes with a fork and piss in the empty holes, and I’ll be honest the thought of giving her a Captain Kirk style karate chop to the neck did cross my mind.

Now before you go giving me the “Your just jealous cause you’re secretly into her” speech let me correct you right off the bat. First I’m not into here I’m still deep into my I don’t trust women phase from my separation. And second it honestly makes me feel embarrassed of my appearance when I get the vibe that I’m compared to someone else who looks like that. I can totally understand how women can feel when compared to some skinny photoshoped model on a magazine. Okay that’s about as fucking sensitive as I’m going to get on this post.

For all you average joe’s out there in internet land remember this they might look prettier but they’ll still go down with a swift boot to the balls. Don’t let their appearance make you think less of yourself. Ladies this applies to you as well, in fact I encourage you to fight with them……then make out…please :)

Random Hottie Of This Post

Jessica Alba

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